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Your Digital Transformation Solutions Provider, providing End to End Industry Specific Solutions based on Patent Granted by USPTO Award Winning Platform CEEP™.

eBSEG Officially Awarded Patent for CEEP Platform from US Patent & Trade Office

CEEP Patent by USPTO

After five years of United States Patent Office Review against other Technology Patents, eBSEG CEEP Digital Omnichannel Platform has been officially awarded the Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as a Unique and one of kind solution for Solving the Digital OmniChannel Problem and forming a unique way of addressing the problem of building a single physical solution that can run on ALL channels.

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Best Fintech Solutions Provider Award 2024

Gazet International Global Magazine 2024

At eBSEG, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform the financial services landscape. That's why we're incredibly proud to announce that Gazet International Global Magazine has recognized us as the Best Fintech Solutions Provider.

For 24 years, eBSEG has been at the forefront of digital transformation, empowering businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions. Also, eBSEG goes beyond a single solution. We offer a comprehensive portfolio designed to address your specific needs.

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Best Fintech Solutions Provider Award

The Real Patent Granted by USPTO Build Once Deploy Many OmniChannel Platform

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Leading solutions that deliver on superior agile customer engagement, every time.

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Digital Banking OmniChannel Solution

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Powerful and easy to use OmniChannel Banking system that allows ANY Bank to offer a comprehensive set of banking services to customers, any-time & anywhere through Mobile, Web, Tablet, Phablet, Desktop, SMS, IVR and more.
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Digital Insurance OmniChannel Solution

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OmniChannel Insurance solution provides insurance services over Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Chatbot, CRM, Messaging and more for accessing to your Insurance companies services, engaging customers, has never been this simple!
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Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform

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With our innovated Digital Sales and Onboarding platform, Sales is made easy, banking or insurance products are just a click away from customers with the best customer experience and engagement platform.
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CEEP™: Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Platform

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A Patent granted by USPTO, Smart Platform that can provide one single Unified Solution based on one single source code that address all your channels including Web, Mobile, Tablet, ATM, Kiosk, Apple Watch, Messaging. Adds All Infrastructure Services so that you can focus on your business.
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digital chatbot platform

Digital Bot Platform

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The Digital Bot platform is provided for Banking and Insurance. It is used to simulate conversation with human users.
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Digital Trading OmniChannel Solution

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OmniChannel Brokerage Solution that allows the customer, brokers and even traders of any institution to enjoy real time, comprehensive trading functionality by providing an amazing UX, using the latest in web and mobile technologies; powerful, easy to use and beautifully designed!
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Digital Messaging Engagement Platform - Enterprise Alerting

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Digital Messaging Platform allows you to do just about anything using Web Notifications, Android/IOS Notifications, WhatsApp, Secure Inbox notifications, SMS, and Emails.
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Digital Self Service OmniChannel Solution for Oracle eBusiness Suite

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Digital Self Service using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to build the mobile app containing analytics, sync, database, storage, notifications and user management services
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OmniChannel Branch Queuing Solution

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Now There is an Even Better Way Introducing eBSEG Mobile Queuing System, Now People can Queue even before reaching the branch using their Mobile Phone to Reserve their Queue Position In Addition to Standard Queue that Customer can get from In Branch Kiosk a new Separate Queue is added for Mobile Queues
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OmniChannel Patient Assistance Solution

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eBSEG Patient Assistance Solution for Hospitals Both in branch patient or mobile appointment system patient can benefit from Patient Assistance Solution for Hospitals.
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OmniChannel Customer Assistance Solution

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eBSEG Customer Assistance Solution is a mobile application that smooth interaction between organizations and their customers.
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eBSEG Outsourcing Software Development Services

Nowadays, eBSEG finds that the need for software development outsourcing services is growing. We provide this service for the United States, Canada, and the Middle Eastern Countries. whatever you need to develop a desktop, web, or mobile application; we will help you to do that easily with a highly experienced developers team. We manage the outsource service according to your needs:-

onshore development service

NearShore Team

Canadian team serving United States from Canada.

offshore development service

OffShore Team

Professional Egyptian Team with High Capabilities.

Onshore Team

onsite at customer’s site wherever they are.

Hybrid Team

Include Onshore / Nearshore and / or Offshore Teams

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