Mobile Queuing Solution

What is New on eBSEG Mobile Queuing Solution?

At eBSEG, we are working on improving our Omnichannel Solutions continually, so we add new features to Mobile queuing solution such as:

  • Now People can Queue virtual even before reaching the branch using their Mobile Phone without wasting waiting time.
  • In Addition to Standard Queue that Customer can get from In Branch Kiosk a new Separate Queue is added for Mobile Queues
  • Customer can get into Mobile Queue only through the Mobile Queue App
  • Customer can get a Mobile Queue Number from the Mobile Before Arriving to Branch
  • Customer Can only do one Mobile Booking at a time and Cancel Mobile Booking from Mobile App

eBSEG Queue System, How it Works

  • Customer Download App From Store on his mobile
  • Customer selected nearest branch or selected branch he want to go to – and get clear info on Normal In Branch Waiting Queue Length as well as Mobile Queue length for each branch.
  • Customer uses App to get a Mobile Queue Ticket Number before arriving to Branch
  • Customer is advised how many people are waiting ahead of him
  • Customer Keeps getting updates on how many people are waiting ahead of him as he moves to the branch
  • If customer arrives to branch before his number is passed he gets into his slot normally
  • If Customer does NOT arrive to branch before his number is passed he is informed on his mobile that his number has passed and is given a Ticket Reservation Code that he can use on the Kiosk when he arrives to get a printed ticket or electronic ticket (on mobile) in the Mobile Queue
When Customer Moves into branch
  • Moving into Branch Can be detected accurately by
    • – iBeacon Device inside branch entrance (Recommended)
    • – Or GPS Customer Location
  • The Mobile App through integration with In Branch Queue Management System is given an indication that Mobile Ticket Should be Called on Screen and Customer is given an indication to wait for his number to be called
ticket passed
If Ticket is passed and Mobile is Not in Branch

If customer does NOT reach the branch in time!
Queue management System will skip his number and Alert to notify customers that their queue number passed
That’s not all…don’t miss Mobile Queue System benefits!
Give customer an option to get a Book Code that he can use on the Kiosk when he arrives to get the next available Mobile Queue Number

booking code

kiosk queue number
Even In Branch Customers Can Benefit
  • In Branch Customers can get their ticket from the Kiosk and Enter it into the Mobile App
  • This will let them know through the App how many people are in front of them
  • And will update them live on the movement of Queue
  • This will allow them to be freed from having to stay locked in place and can move around or have a refreshment and still be informed at the right time to go to their queue slot
queue management mobile app

In Branch Kiosk
  • Now will support Traditional in Branch Tickets
  • And Getting Ticket for Mobile Booking
  • eBSEG Customer Assistance Solution Users can Confirm on the Mobile Queue Number they got after entering the branch
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