OmniChannel Solutions

omnichannel solutions

eBSEG Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Platform (CEEP)

  • Smart Platform provides: Smart caching, smart data update & deploy management, rich UX, lightening fast UI that is highly responsive & offers less load on network & servers
  • Using “WYSIWYG” editor, admin can view the result while editing & without adding any code! You can edit both Widget Application & Widget Content
  • Monitoring system “Auto Monitors” any system with auto corrective actions and alerts on email & SMS
  • All messages are encrypted using an additional layer of encryption on top of SSL, which uses a combination of two key encryption and AES.


  • Physically One Single logic and UX servicing all Channels based on Unified Widgets
  • Unified Customer Experience – No Learning between Channels
  • Shared Platform for all Channels
  • Unified Central Control/Updates to Al Channels
  • Consistent Features from all Channels
  • Powerful marketing on all channels
  • Possible to start action on one channel and finish on another
  • Unifies ALL channels and sub channels in a literally and physically solution

eBSEG Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Platform (CEEP) Widget Based Technology

  • Widgets are Mini Applications (Pure HTML5 + JS)
  • Template based widgets – Unified Code Logic
  • Widget Collapsing, Expanding, showing/hiding facilities
  • Touch/Mouse Based UI (Desktops, Mobiles & Tablets)
  • Easy Portal Management for organization by Channel / Customer Group
  • Customer Personalization “move & arrange” widgets using fingers or Mouse

Powerful Widget Technology

  • No Longer Apps are build for Specific Channel
  • Apps are build as a group of Enterprise Widgets
  • Each Widget Represents an Atomic Business Function such as Accounts List, Details, Payment …etc.
  • Different Channels are built from a combination of Enterprise Widgets
  • Marketing/Business Team can create Content or promotional Widgets with ease and at any time inside the business Apps
  • Screen Layout Management
  • Add/Create New Screen from combination of existing Widgets
  • Publish Process with version control for Updates To Clients
  • Auto Update to Mobiles & Tablets without Going through Stores