Patient Assistance Solution for Hospitals

patient assistance solution

Now There is an Even Better Way Introducing eBSEG Patient Assistance Solution for Hospitals, So What's New

  • Via Patient Assistance Solution, Now People can get appointment even before reaching the clinic using their Mobile Phone to Reserve their appointment Position
  • In Addition to Standard appointment that patient can get from In clinic Kiosk a new Separate ticket is added for Mobile appointments
  • Customer can get into Patient Assistance Solution only through the Mobile App
  • Customer can get an appointment Number from the Mobile Before Arriving to clinic
  • Customer Can only do 1 Mobile appointment at a time and Cancel Mobile appointment from Mobile App

Even Better Queuing Way…..So What's New???

  • Customer Download App From Store on his mobile
  • Now People can queue, get a Mobile Queue Number & reserve their position even before reaching the hospital using their mobile phone
  • New Separate Queue is added for Mobile Queues beside standard normal ways
  • Get into Mobile Queue only through the Mobile App
  • Only do one Mobile Booking at a time
  • Cancel Mobile Booking from Mobile App

eBSEG Patient Assistance Solution

  • Beyond patients expectations
  • Accelerate hospital digital strategy
  • A superior user experience
  • Increase the interaction between patient and hospital using latest technologies.
  • Save patient’s time
  • Help in organizing the appointments in clinics
  • Avoid patients complaints of overcrowded clinics.
  • Easy hospital analytics and surveying system