Digital Trading Solution

Digital Trading OmniChannel Solution - Trading Any Time, Any Where!

  • Safe, Secure, Fast and Simple, Digital Trading Solution is an OmniChannel brokerage system wrapped in a beautifully designed web and or mobile UX that allows for everything your customers need to successfully manage their trading and investment requirements.
  • eBSEG understands that trading and protecting your investment portfolio is serious business, where there is no margin for error.
  • We provide a comprehensive web and or mobile ecosystem that offer’s every tool your customers will need to make trades, review their positions, communicate with professionals and monitor markets, all in real time, from ANYWHERE, ANYtime.
  • Our focus in developing this easy-to-use powerhouse solution was based on the “customer outcome” which translates to allowing customers to focus on what is most important, making money and protecting their hard earned investment positions, swiftly and securely.
  • Digital Trading Solution users enjoy real time, comprehensive trading functionality and related real-time market information by providing an amazing UX, every time, using the latest in web and mobile technologies; powerful, easy to use and beautifully designed.

Fastest Growing Digital Trading Omnichannel Solution Provider Award 2023.

The Global Economics Award 2023

eBSEG, a leading provider of omnichannel solutions, has been awarded the prestigious title of "The Fastest Growing Digital Trading Omnichannel Solution Provider" for its innovative eBSEG Trading Solution for 2023.

This recognition comes from The Global Economics, highlighting eBSEG's significant contributions to the brokerage system which offers a comprehensive range of market services and caters to the needs of brokers, investors, and traders alike..... More

The Global Economics Award 2023
Digital Trading OmniChannel Solution at a glance
market services
Market Services

Real-time market data at your fingertips, including market interests, market overviews, online integration, news about currencies, various indices, and commodities information!


Comprehensive portfolio management, detailed transaction summary, earnings details, quick transfers, performance metrics, educational videos, and so much more, ANYtime, ANYwhere!

account Details
Account Details

Everything you need to manage your accounts. Whether you are looking to invest directly, have time for financial planning or are looking for advice, it’s at all your fingertips, right here!


Never miss a trade by having Digital Trading Solution at your fingertips. Place, cancel and or amend your trade, real-time, providing you with flexibility to do only what you want to do, in a way that you want to do it! Powerful made simple!


Stock prices are quoted in “real-time” providing the customer with accurate information. Market news and related information allows for informed decisions.Charts and related information help simplify decisions.

live market watch
Track It

Uncover, identify and track the stocks most important to you. Watching your strategy unfold by tracking the stocks that are critical to you, allows the investor to watch real time changes and status. Set up favourites in just seconds, it’s a simple yet powerful tool. Track it!


Digital Trading Solution represents next generation trading with unseen flexibility to allow you to achieve as much as possible, in the fastest time. Transfer funds between accounts, cross-border require easily transfer cash between your bank and brokerage accounts, differentiate yourself from competitors attract new customers


One touch access to informative Charts that help make informed decisions. Charts are in basic form and allow for easy access to trend lines, price averages and so much more. Charts are colour and provide almost real-time illustrations so you don’t miss a beat!


Digital Trading Solution Traders unique Dashboard is a comprehensive management tool that that places everything that is important to the investor, in one view. From tracking your favourite portfolios to monitoring real-time quotes that correspond to your favourite stocks to watch, it’s all here!

Why Brokerage Companies choose eBSEG Digital Trading OmniChannel Solution

  • Comprehensive set of functions that satisfy every user type
  • Proven references in different channels, globally
  • Personalization capabilities so users can make it “their own” experience
  • Comprehensive and insightful coverage of Brokerage Transactions
  • Ability to provide Innovative/Professional and beautifully designed system with a unique user experience
  • Dynamic/parametrized solution that enables the business and IT management to control business/system settings
  • Allow users to edit trading rules to create automated orders with user confirmation at time of sending process

Just a few of Digital Trading Solution's Features

  • Trading services such as buy order or modify order.
  • Portfolio services
  • Market services including Market index, Stock index, Best buy and best sell
  • Live Market Watch Service
  • My Broker Agent
  • Accounts services including Balance, transactions and account History.
  • Maintenance services
  • Account, trading, market Notifications
  • Order Status
  • Orders Summary Graph
  • Stock Position
  • Best Five Sell & Buy Offers
  • Stocks History
  • Create/Manage Personal Market Views
  • Market Summary for personal Market View
  • Broker Contact Details