Digital Banking Solution

Digital Banking OmniChannel Solution

  • eBSEG Digital banking solution offers a secure and rich UX application providing a world class banking and payment experience to your customers over mobile Banking and Internet Banking.
  • eBSEG omnichannel solution integrates seamlessly and securely with your Back-end.
  • eBSEG Digital banking offers a comprehensive suite of the latest banking services empowering banks to successfully deliver "any time","any where" banking services to customers on the GO.

Most Innovative OmniChannel Digital Banking Solutions Award.

International Finance Awards 2022 - Technology Award

After getting many awards through to its Partner Banks who implemented eBSEG CEEP OmniChannel Digital Banking Solution, Today eBSEG has been directly awarded a Technology Award from International Finance.

eBSEG has been awarded the International Finance Award as the "Most Innovative Omnichannel Digital Banking Solutions" of the year 2022.

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international finance award 2022
Digital Banking Solution at a glance
Banking On The GO!

Bill payments Have never been this convenient, using Digital Banking Solution web and or mobile bill pay. Whether it’s one time payments, future payments or recurring payments, this feature makes it simple for your customers to pay bills, ANYtime, ANYwhere, while and on-the-go!

Bank Inquiries

Enable your customers to access a variety of options about their bank accounts and so much more. Complete access to their transactional history alone most with complete details surrounding the transaction so they have comprehensive information at their fingertips. Whether it’s bank accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, Lines of credit or Bill payments, it’s available at their fingertips!

bank transfer
Bank Transfer

Transfer money on-the-go, in a variety of ways using this feature. Its fast allows customers to transfer money, quickly and safely. Moving money between accounts, Digital Banking Solution has it covered, in an easy-to-use format that makes transferring money easy!

safe and secure
Safe and Secure

Security is our first priority, with a state of art High Security Encryption communication Layer that makes it impossible to hack, to keep your customers secure.

Beneficiaries Management
Beneficiaries Management

Quickly designate and update beneficiary information, ANYtime, ANYwhere! Whether your customers need to designate and update beneficiary information, need to know how to avoid legal disputes or simply want to safeguard confidential information, Digital Banking Solution provides it! Safe and secure, your customers information is in great hands and privacy is top of mind. In addition, customers can store and print the new changes!

credit card
Credit Card

Manage every aspect of your Credit Cards with Digital Banking Solution, 24/7. Check account balances, available credit, transaction history, pay your credit card bill and so much more. You can also add credit cards to this view so you have them all in one tidy place! Manage your credit cards smartly, conveniently and securely, ANYtime, ANYwhere!

Transaction History
Transaction History

Knowing where you have been is the best indicator of where you want to go. With the Digital Banking Solution transaction feature, customers can access their transactions history from any where.

Public Functions
Public Functions

News and offers, Contacts FX rates, Currency Converter and calculators, integration with Social Networks Channels make this apps as bank marketing channel to engage customers ,build a deep relationship.


The GPS integrated locator feature allows for immediate access to an ATM or branch office! Customers gain immediate access! It’s quick, easy to use and allows your customers to quickly search and discover your banks services, NOW!

eBSEG Digital Banking Solution Awards

best performing egyptian bank award
most innovative retail banking app award
best mobile banking adaptive website award
most user friendly banking website award
best mobile banking application award
best in mobile banking award

Digital Banking Solution feature highlights include

  • Accounts summaries and statement inquiries
  • Credit Cards details and transactions
  • Local and international transfer
  • Own accounts and internal bank accounts fund transfers
  • Utility bills inquiries and payment
  • Government payment services
  • Loans Services
  • LBS (Location Based Service)
  • Credit Cards payment
  • Loan Calculator
  • Cheque Book request
  • Cheque Status
  • Information Services like exchange rates, stock prices and other
  • Personalization Services
  • Notifications for accounts, Payment, funds transfer, balance notifications, cards notifications...etc.
Why Digital Banking OmniChannel Portal?

  • Implemented ALL channels within numerous major global financial institutions.
  • Proven track record in web and mobile technologies for the Financial sector
  • Previous experience in dealing with different systems and back-ends
  • Ability to provide leading Innovative, professional, customer focused systems with a "high impact" user experience
  • Comprehensive set of insurance functions as per latest world standard.
  • Administration functions and access control
  • Flexible and robust technology design that can start small and grow with your business thus protects your investment.
  • Powerful Security solution
  • Low Hardware Investment solution

Digital Banking OmniChannel Portal is available for use immediately on the following channels:
  • 1- Internet Banking (Desktop).
  • 2- Mobile Banking.
  • 3- Tablet Banking.
  • 4- Chat Bot Banking (Text & Voice).
  • 5- Digital Bank Marketing.
  • 6- Apple Watch Banking.
    • 7- Business Banking Omnichannel.
    • 8- Facebook Banking.
    • 9- ATM / Kiosk_Banking.
    • 10- Call Center Banking.
    • 11- eBranch Banking.
    • 12- Messaging Banking.
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