Digital Bot Platform

  • eBSEG Digital Bot Platform is used to simulate conversation with human users.
  • Digital Chatbot platform is provided for Banking and Insurance.
  • With the latest technology of intelligent bots, people are tired of downloading apps and moved into messenger apps.
  • Chatbot channels are Facebook messenger, WhatsApp Business, SMS, Routing to Call Center Text Agent, Siri and Alexa.
  • Once the user starts the “Send Message” service from Facebook page the chatbot automatically replies to user input.
  • Supported Languages: English, Arabic and Franco Arab.
  • Two mode work: (Normal Intent Detection – Parameter Collection).
  • Try now our Chatbot platform for Misr Life Insurance Company via facebook messeneger.
  • And also check Chatbot Platform on WhatsApp

Fastest Growing Digital Chatbot Platform Award 2023

World Economic Magazine Award 2023

eBSEG, a leading provider of digital solutions has received its seventh award, this time being recognized as the "Fastest Growing Digital Chatbot Platform" by World Economic Magazine. This award highlights the platform's exceptional performance in revolutionizing customer engagement in the financial sector.

With its ability to seamlessly integrate across almost all digital channels and provide multi-lingual support, eBSEG is setting new standards in the industry. With eBSEG chatbot platform, businesses can harness the power of conversational AI to deliver personalized and intuitive customer experiences.

Fastest Growing Digital Chatbot Platform Award

Chatbot Platform In Banking

Chatbot banking Provide Instant Apps for Forms and Integration with Core Banking system. It also include client acquisition and upselling.

Insurance Chatbot Platform

Insurance chatbot is thr latest innovative solutions for improving customer experience. The platform will help your customers to know more information about your products, services, branches and more.

Chatbot Platform Admin Functions

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digital chatbot platform
Chatbot Platform Reports

There are many reports can benefit the enterprise to take important decisions such as:

  • Users Statistics Report by Day and Channel.
  • Users List Report by Day and Channel.
  • Interaction Statistics Report by Day and Channel.
  • Interaction Statistics Report by Hour of Day and Channel.
  • Interaction Language Statistics Report by Language and Channel.
  • Bot Intents Interaction Statistics Report By Intent and Channel.
  • Bot Intents Interaction Statistics Report by Intent and Language.
  • Customer Input with No Intent Detected
  • Customer Input with Intent Detected (Single or Multiple).

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