eBSEG Omnichannel Platforms

omnichannel platform Customer Experience and Engagement Omni Channel Platform (CEEP)
Digital messaging platform Digital Messaging Engagement Platform
digital sales and onboaarding platform Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform
Digital Bot platform Digital Bot Platform
channel management software Channel Manager
touch portal platform Touch Top Portal

Managing client relationships and interactions is critical and ensuring successful engagement requires application agility and flexibility, across all channels (on any device), without dependency on IT and development resources. eBSEG is the global leader in OmniChannel engagement platforms and empowers business Marketing users to create and make changes within client facing (and or internal facing) applications without IT and Development contributions. In addition to the creating the latest technology to represent the very best in OmniChannel experiences, eBSEG platforms help organizations manage process, and this is no trivial challenge.

In addition to more complex strategies, business structures, and regulatory requirements to navigate through, you need the right technologies to support your engage your clients. Our OmniChannel platform represents the most agile and flexible “Lean Portal”, and utilizes widget based architecture.

eBSEG created platforms enable the enterprise to accelerate customer engagement and enables marketing teams to manage and customize the content for every business function, across all channels, with ease.

Enhance your flexibly with the eBSEG platform. Through our platform flexibility, we make it easy to adapt to your Business Dynamics. With an integration layer that provides the ability for any business organization to seamlessly provide its services through Omnichannel (Mobile, Tablet, Web, SMS, and IVR).