eBSEG Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Platform (CEEP)

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CEEP - Customer Experience Solution

  • A Patent Pending Smart Platform that can provide one single Unified Solution based on one single source code that address all your channels including Web, Mobile, Tablet, ATM, Facebook, Apple Watch, Messaging.
  • Adds All Infrastructure Services so that you can focus on your business
  • Smart caching, Smart App Update (without going to Store everytime)& Powerful Deployment management
  • Rich UX, Lightening fast UI that is highly responsive
  • Less load on network & servers
  • Allows Business & IT Team to Edit application layouts and Templates using a “WYSIWYG” editor.
  • Based on Patent Pending OmniChannel Widget Technology
  • Drastically improve the way you do business.

CEEP - Digital Customer Experience Platform

Smart Platform provides: Smart caching, smart data update & deploy management, rich UX, lightening fast UI that is highly responsive & offers less load on network & servers.

Using “WYSIWYG” editor, admin can view the result while editing & without adding any code! You can edit both Widget Application & Widget Content.

Monitoring system “Auto Monitors” any system with auto corrective actions and alerts on email & SMS.

All messages are encrypted using an additional layer of encryption on top of SSL, which uses a combination of two key encryption and AES.

customer experience solution

CEEP - Customer Experience Management Platform

customer experience platform

Powerful Widget Technology

unified omichannel solution
customer omnichannel platform

From thick & thin Web to eBSEG Smart Web

Previous Traditional Web Platforms provide one feature while they lack the other. But eBSEG Smart Web combines the best features found in both

smart native web
customer experience management
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