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Best Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform - The Global Economics Award 2023.

The Global Economics Award 2023

The Third Award in 2023, eBSEG has received the prestigious award for its CEEP Platform as "The Best Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform" from The Global Economics.

CEEP has Solved the digital channels challenge. It provides one single Unified Solution based on one single source code that addresses all your channels including Web, Mobile, Tablet, Apple Watch, Messaging, Chatbot, ATM, and Kiosk.

Best Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform Award

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially granted a patent to the eBSEG CEEP Digital Omnichannel Platform. This recognition acknowledges its uniqueness and groundbreaking nature as a solution for overcoming the challenges associated with Digital Omnichannel. The platform introduces a distinctive approach to addressing the complexity of developing a singular physical solution capable of seamlessly operating across all channels.

eBSEG has emerged as the Customer Experience solutions leader in this area, This recognition comes as no surprise, as eBSEG has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences through its innovative digital channels and groundbreaking CEEP patent.

Choosing a single platform for all your needs can greatly benefit you in terms of time, cost and productivity. With a streamlined workflow, cost-effective options, consistent user experience, integration, compatibility, customization and personalization.

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Best Digital Solutions Provider Award -International Business Magazine Award 2023.

eBSEG has once again proven its excellence by receiving the esteemed award for Best Digital Solutions Provider in 2023 from International Business Magazine.

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Fastest Growing Digital Trading Omnichannel Solution Provider Award 2023.

eBSEG's innovative trading solution has recently been awarded the title of "Fastest Growing Digital Trading Omnichannel Solution Provider" for 2023 by The Global Economics.

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Best Digital Banking Omnichannel Solution Provider Award

eBSEG has been selected to receive The Global Economics Award 2022 for Best Digital Banking Omnichannel Solution Provider.

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EBE Mobile Banking Powered by eBSEG is now Live on Google Play and APP Store.

EBE Mobile Banking Solution Powered by eBSEG is now Live on Google Play and APP store to Provide a unique Experience to the latest digital banking customer expectations.