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Best Digital Solutions Provider Award - International Business Magazine Award 2023.

International Business Magazine Award 2023

The second award in 2023, eBSEG has once again proven its excellence by receiving the esteemed award for Best Digital Solutions Provider in 2023 from International Business Magazine.

This year, the company has been recognized once again for its excellence and commitment to delivering the best digital solutions. Recently, eBSEG received the prestigious award for Best Digital Solutions Provider 2023 from the International Business Magazine.

This recognition is a testament to eBSEG's commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions that drive success in the digital era.

Best digital solutions provider

eBSEG has established itself as a prominent player in the fintech industry since its inception in 2000. With a strong focus on delivering innovative and reliable solutions, eBSEG has earned multiple awards for its omnichannel solutions.

With the ever-evolving needs and expectations of customers, eBSEG has consistently updated its omnichannel platform to provide the best and most seamless experience for customers across various channels to excel in delivering exceptional experiences for financial services customers.

About eBSEG Omnichannel Solutions

eBSEG has created its Omnichannel Solutions including:

  • Digital Banking Solution

  • Digital Insurance Solution

  • Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform

  • Digital Trading Solution

  • Mobile Queuing Solution

  • Digital Chatbot Platform

  • Digital Messaging Engagement Solution

  • Digital Self-Service Solution

  • Digital Customer Assistance Solution

  • Digital Patient Assistance Solution

eBSEG Omnichannel Solutions
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Global Finance Awards- eBSEG CEEP OmniChannel Digital Banking Platform Solution for Credit Agricole Egypt as Best in Mobile Banking

eBSEG™ CEEP™, the REAL Omnichannel digital banking platform, has been Credit Agricole Egypt’s choice that helped bank to win the Award of Distinction of Global Finance Digital Bank during 2018 as the Best in Mobile Banking in Egypt.

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Credit Agricole Bank to establish the first REAL Omni-channel Banking in Egypt (Internet, Mobile & Tablets) on eBSEG CEEP Omni-channel Digital Baking Platform.

Credit Agricole Egypt extended its digital user experience and launched the third digital channel “desktop channel”.

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Best Digital Banking Omnichannel Solution Provider Award

eBSEG has been selected to receive The Global Economics Award 2022 for Best Digital Banking Omnichannel Solution Provider.

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EBE Mobile Banking Powered by eBSEG is now Live on Google Play and APP Store.

EBE Mobile Banking Solution Powered by eBSEG is now Live on Google Play and APP store to Provide a unique Experience to the latest digital banking customer expectations.