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The Global Economics Award: Best Digital Banking Omnichannel Solution Provider Award 2022.

The Global Economics Award 2022

eBSEG has been awarded for its digital banking omnichannel solution as the Best Digital Banking Omnichannel Solution Provider Award in the category of Technology in 2022 from The Global Economics.

eBSEG team of professionals explores the customer needs, recommend suitable solutions, and develops a customized solution that adds value to the business.

Global Economics award

eBSEG CEEP platform is an omnichannel portal platform (One UNIFIED Platform Addressing All Channels Seamlessly) covering all aspects of retail banking, and comprehensive data for a seamless customer experience.

With more than 23 years of experience in the banking industry, we bring together a unique combination of expertise and technology to deliver the right solution for your business needs.

We are delighted and proud to know that we were selected as one of the most innovative digital banking solutions worldwide by this prestigious award magazine.

This achievement represents our commitment to delivering the best digital banking performance that truly meets the needs of our clients.

About eBSEG Digital Banking Solution

eBSEG has created its Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform covers modern digital channels including:

  • Internet Banking (Desktop)

  • Mobile / Tablet / Apple Watchbanking

  • Chat Bot Banking (Text & Voice)

  • Digital Sales & On-Boarding

  • Digital Loans/Lending/Finance

  • Omnichannel Business Banking

  • ATM/Kiosk Touch Banking

  • Call Center Transaction Banking

  • Manned Branches Omnichannel experience

  • eMessaging Engagement Banking (SMS Push and Pull, iOS and Android Alerts, Browser Web Alerts, WhatsApp, Messenger, Email).

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eBSEG digital banking
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Global Finance Awards- eBSEG CEEP OmniChannel Digital Banking Platform Solution for Credit Agricole Egypt as Best in Mobile Banking

eBSEG™ CEEP™, the REAL Omnichannel digital banking platform, has been Credit Agricole Egypt’s choice that helped bank to win the Award of Distinction of Global Finance Digital Bank during 2018 as the Best in Mobile Banking in Egypt.

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Apple Pay™ - eBSEG™ and Bank Saudi Fransi succeeded in launch a new feature for their Digital Banking Platform Solution

eBSEG™ CEEP™, the REAL Omnichannel digital banking platform is Bank Saudi Fransi solution which worked to publish two new features as BSF announced that Apple Pay & Virtual debit card are ready to be used.

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Credit Agricole Bank to establish the first REAL Omni-channel Banking in Egypt (Internet, Mobile & Tablets) on eBSEG CEEP Omni-channel Digital Baking Platform.

Credit Agricole Egypt extended its digital user experience and launched the third digital channel “desktop channel”.

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EBE Mobile Banking Powered by eBSEG is now Live on Google Play and APP Store.

EBE Mobile Banking Solution Powered by eBSEG is now Live on Google Play and APP store to Provide a unique Experience to the latest digital banking customer expectations.