eBSEG Digital Transformation Solutions Journey

2020, Special Year for eBSEG; 20th anniversary, 20 years of progress, 20 years of experiences, 20 years of success stories with our clients.

It was an exciting journey for eBSEG since 2000. Now the 20th Anniversary is coming. 20 years of being on the edge of customer experience and engagement technologies and always being the first to introduce a lot the digital solutions in the market that have put our clients in success on top of their markets.

In 2000: SMS Push Á Pull Solutions Á Web Solutions:-

  • In 2000, eBSEG provided a lot of highly innovative SMS Solutions (Push & Pull) as well as Web Solutions from SMS Banking to SMS Trading.
In 2008:Mobile Web Solutions And J2ME Mobile Applications

In 2008 with rising of the first generation of a smartphone we introduced Mobile Web Solutions and J2ME Mobile Apps.

mobile web solutions
mob web solutions
In 2012, Native Mobile Applications

in 2012, native mobile applications

In 2013: CEEP Omnichannel Platform
  • In 2013, eBSEG has launched CEEP platform, Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Portal Platform (One UNIFIED Platform Addressing All Channels Seamlessly), No Learning between Channels and initiate a transaction on a mobile or tablet device and complete it on another banking channel such as phone banking or ATM.
omnichannel platform