Who We Are

eBSEG is a software company focused on platform technologies and OmniChannel Customer Engagement . We are committed to leading the charge globally by helping Financial Institutions serve up amazing customer experience interaction. Our Omnichannel platform enables organizations to create, manage, and optimize secure OmniChannel Customer interactions and best of all, our Omnichannel platform is intended for Business Marketing teams that demand agility and flexibility without dependence on IT and development resources. CEEP™ is all about “Lean Portal” output and is built using “widget based architecture”.

After years of research and development, we have created the most agile and flexible C-customer E-experience E-engagement P-platform available in market, its name CEEP ! The platform makes it easy for organizations to create, coordinate, and manage customer engagement experiences across all channels. It represents the “True - Build Once, Deploy Many” philosophy and defines what OmniChannel is really about, a perfect experience regardless of the device your customer chooses to engage your organization with. With CEEP , changes to your OmniChannel presence can be done on the fly, it’s now easy for Marketing business users to be agile in content they want their customers to consume.

CEEP can be transformed to fit your business and its customers seamlessly, whether you are a Bank, Credit Union, Insurance provider, Financial Services organization or a retailer, CEEP empowers your Marketing prowess to facilitate a meaningful, lasting and powerful relationship with your customers. The Omnichannel platform easily ties in to your back end systems, transforming legacy and line-of-business applications into powerful and modern medians with which to grow, engage and nurture your customer’s experiences.

We invite you to check our services and ask us how we can help your organization manage and grow your customer relationships, across every channel, and in a way that exceeds your customers’ expectations, Contact us or Request Demo Now.

What We Do

web design

Web Design

We can make all websites and desktop apps

 tablet application design

Tablet App

We make omnichannel app working on all devices with one code

mobile application design

Mobile App

We make omnichannel app working on all devices with one code

How We Do