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Outsourcing Software Development Services

Are you looking for a development team to create your own solution?

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- eBSEG has more than 22 years of experience in the software market field for financial service industries.

- We provide end-to-end software development services that help businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

- This experience enables us to provide our resources to help other companies create a solution that meets their needs.

- Our team of experts works with businesses of all sizes to assess their specific needs and requirements.

- Our outsourcing software development provides development services, UI/UX services, and Quality Control services on or off perm.

- The advantage of that is also Staff Augmentation, which means we add to your own team. This way, you can get the best of both worlds: the flexibility of outsourcing with the benefits of staff augmentation.

- We provide various outsourcing services types; Nearshore Software Development team, Offshore Software Development team, Onshore Software Development team, and Hybrid team.

- Make sure that you have the right team in place to get the job done.

onshore development service
Nearshore Team

- Canadian Team

- Serving United States.

offshore development service
Offshore Team

- Egyptian Team

- High Capabilities

onshore development
Onshore Team

- Onsite at Customer Site wherever they are.

hybrid development service
Hybrid Team

- include Nearsore

- & Offshore / Onshore

  • Product Design Services

    Products & Solution


    OmniChannel Brokerage application that allows the customer, securities brokers and or traders (Institutional) to enjoy real time, comprehensive trading functionality by engaging using a leading UX along with the latest in web and mobile technologies. The application is powerful, easy to use and beautifully designed, representing the leading standard in performance and aesthetics. eBSEG OmnniChannel solutions and services can be easily integrated with Microsoft CRM, SharePoint and other leading products, to add value everywhere and to help extend services availability by extending system features and benefits. A few highlight areas within various sectors where BSEG currently has solutions implemented include Banking, Trading, Insurance, Utility, Government and Educational Institutions. eBSEG professionals are constantly working with the latest technologies and focus on delivering transformational solutions that create measurable returns and leading time-to-value.

  •  Implementation and Customization Services

    Implementation & Customization


    eBSEG provides implementation and customization for various applications such as MS CRM, MS Dot Net, MS SharePoint, MS BizTalk, Oracle ECM, Oracle Portals and Oracle Identity Management Solutions as well as integration for the different modules in each product. eBSEG adds tangible value to these products, by increasing the application capability and by increasing the interaction between the involved parties within the organization.

  • Integration Services



    eBSEG proposes Integration solution for different systems integration in any organization. eBSEG integration service depends on eBSEG Middleware Solution which provides one point of view for different system to integrate with.eBSEG Multi channel Management Middleware integration solution enables the organization systems to communicate together with Flexible Communication techniques. It acts as the main interface to the organization Core system which exchanges the data flow between the channel and the organization host.

  • IT Consultancy Services

    IT Consultancy


    eBSEG IT Consultants provide organizations with Consultants that understand business drivers and technology, and our team can help with any IT Project(s) discussion(s) and Road mapping of the organization Business needs under the IT environment. Combined with the technology and development capabilities of eBSEG, we design IT roadmaps that focus on aligning business and IT so that corporate business drivers and goals are met with ease. eBSEG consultants lead organizations throughout the process of identifying, designing and implementing digital business and e-commerce strategies and solutions. Regardless of where you are in your project phase, eBSEG would be pleased to jump in!.

  • Outsourcing Services



    eBSEG provides Outsourcing Services for organizations, specializing in the business IT Environment. eBSEG Outsourcing services provide organizations with the most qualified and the advanced resources in different areas such as programming languages, E-Commerce Web Application Development & Maintenance, Client/Server Custom Application Development and Database Design & Development. eBSEG resources are available offshore or onshore, and remain flexible to customer requirements.

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