eMessaging Platform - Enterprise Alerting Solution

  • Platform for delivering electronic Messaging Solutions that reinvent the power of SMS & Mobile Alerts
  • eMessaing Platform allows you to do just about anything using SMS,Mobile Alerts, Emails, Voice Messages & Faxes.
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Keep your Brand Top of Customer Mind
  • Deliver Important Business Events On Time
  • Lower Cost of Alerting by Switching Smoothly from Costly SMS Alerts to Cost Effective Mobile Alerts
  • Scalable Operator/Enterprise Grade Platform that can run from 5 SMS/Sec to 300 SMS/Sec and more
  • Drastically improve the way you do business. P2P,A2P,E2P, Marketing


Any Time, Any Channel

Message Formats

Interactive Communication

Marketing Unrivalled

Insurance Status

Limitless Flexibility

System Supported Channels

  • SMS Alerts
  • iOS & Android Alerts
  • Voice Alerts
  • Flax Alerts
  • Email Alerts

eEnterprise Messaging High-Engagement Platform

eBSEG eEnterprise High-Engagement Messaging Platform allows for your organization to communicate rapidly when making sure that relevant parties are informed with immediacy. eEnterprise Capabilities range from sending just a few messages to sending thousands, in real-time, with notification that the message has been read along with the ability to organize which recipient(s) get what message. This is especially important for business continuity notifications, emergency notifications, and disaster recovery situations along with a host of others. Whether the intention is to enhance productivity, facilitate day-to-day communication with customers, employees or anyone that is relevant to your business,


Alerting platform an enterprise solution by aggregating data and alerts from multiple systems,consolidating consumer preferences; presenting new and existing alerts, and managing personal preferences in an Omni-channel environment to help build consumer trust and increase profitability.

  • Flexible platform: Reduce time to market, operational costs and product complexity by augmenting any existing systems across channels and existing mobile OS's with Enterprise Alerting.
  • Expanded Alerting Capabilities: Aggregate alerts from multiple systems and data sources, and deliver consolidated consumer communications in real-time to optimize alert preference management and improve the customer experience.
  • Expanded Alerting Capabilities: Implement Actionable (two-way) alerts along with the traditional Notification (one-way) alerts based on business needs.
  • Centralized Customer Preference Management Across Channels: Central repository within your organization for cross-channel customer preferences.
  • Easy and Fast Creation of Alerts: Centralize alert development and rapidly deploy new rules and alerts.
  • Multi/Omni Channel Engagement: Offer alerts across SMS, push notifications, email, voice, and fax.