eBSEG expands into the Canadian market

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eBSEG expands into the Canadian market

We are proud to announce that eBSEG, a leading & premier business solutions provider of multi-channel delivery has expanded into the Canadian market. Our business has grown steadily over the last half decade, and the timing to introduce a fresh and unique offering is prime for entry into this exciting market. Canada acts as an important market for eBSEG as many of our current clients have operations in Canada that we are now in a position to support and serve.

We are excited about our current Canadian relationships and look forward to contributing to Canada`s plight for multi channel unification.This expansion announcement is integrated into eBSEG`s global strategy for business growth.

Expanding into Canada offers eBSEG an important business opportunity to expand our presence by offering hgihly differentoied w throughout in North America. Specially that, our business solutions meet the region requirements. The expanded presence in Canada will enable eBSEG to increase its level of service to clients and partners and deliver advanced solutions in various industries.

That helps us to assist our clients in becoming globally competitive, delivering outstanding solutions with minimum cost and in the shortest possible time, using outstanding local talent supported by highest global capability, deepest industry knowledge and technical expertise.

This move reflects eBSEG impressive footprint in integrated highest technology turn-key solutions that help financial institutions cut service costs, increase quality and drive profitability.

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eBSEG partners with Arabic e-Learning Pioneers

eBSEG is pleased to announce its partnership with t in Arabihe leaders in e-Learning Technology . eBSEG is a committed supporter of technology learning by students which affords them the opportunity to study without the constraints of learning in physical boundaries, using the latest technology & communication methods.

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Global Finance Awards- eBSEG CEEP Omni Channel Digital Banking Platform Solution for Credit Agricole Egypt as Best in Mobile Banking

eBSEG™ CEEP™, the REAL Omni-channel digital banking platform, has been Credit Agricole Egypt’s choice that helped bank to win the Award of Distinction of Global Finance Digital Bank during 2018 as the Best in Mobile Banking in Egypt.

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eBSEG Digital Trading Web portal selected by and now being implemented at leading KSA Brokerage Institution

This powerful trading channel adds a new dimension of customer engagement for customers, providing them with unparalleled access to trading and related services, marketing information, rich self serve features and functionality and is expected to be the uncontested channel of choice for customers who are keen to stay in sink with their portfolio and the market. customers.

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eBSEG Digital Banking Mobile Applications selected by leading KSA Bank , now entering implementation phase.

These new banking applications add new powerful e-Channesl for the Bank, allowing bank customers to have multiple options for the channels they can use to deal with their accounts.eBSEG Digital Banking is a banking solution which avail all retail and corporate banking services over the different electronic channels such as Web, SMS, Mobile Web, and client applications for all mobile devices including the Smartphone Mobiles like iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry…etc.