Customer Assistance Solution

Beyond customers expectations
A superior customer experience
Accelerate bank digital strategy
Reduce dramatically time-to-market.
Save customer’s time
Increase the interaction between customer and bank using latest technologies.
Be Updated by all new offers
Help in organizing the work in branches
Avoid customer complaints of overcrowded branches.
Easy branch analytics and surveying system

With eBSEG Customer Assistance Solution you will be able to

  • Branch Mobile Assistant

    Have a powerful Branch System Assistant with superior customer experience
  • Mobile Queue System

    Save customer time and avoid crowded branches
  • Easy Shopping

    Facilitate shopping, updated and enjoy the new offers of merchants
  • Easy Marketing

    Extremely maximizing marketing ROI and increasing sales of your organization.
  • Notification Alerts

    Inform and update customer with payment dates, new services and offers.

When Customer Walk into Branch!

Delivers a welcome message to the customers at the moment they enter the branch

When Customer Walk into Branch!

  • A summary of services available at the branch is provided.
  • Special offers is provided
  • Branch map of the office for large branches is provided