eBSEG Channel Manager

Channel Manager Benefits

  • Unifies and Standardizes High-impact engagement with customer through all Electronic Channels & Customer View of Data.
  • Provides a single point of Integration between all channels, Core Systems and services.
  • Reduce Integration cost Substantially and Reuse Integration Path to drastically reduce time-to- Market for Channel Implementations.
  • Easily Enforce Business Limits on Channels.
  • Flexible solution that adapts to your Business Dynamics.
  • Manage all channels from a single point.
  • Reduce costs related to licencing and operations.
  • Brings together business functionality and management of all channels into a single place.
  • Allows the enterprise to freely deploy new products and services, QUICKLY!.


SOA (Services Oriented Architecture)

Security Features


Scalability & Load Balancing

Business Validation/Rules

Business Data Caching

Two Way XML/Flat Text Mapping Engine


eChannel Manager is available is for use on the following channels:

Web, Mobile, SMS, Smart Phone , Voice (IVR, Call Center), CRM and others.